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WuXi AppTec Medical Device Testing business has operating entities in China and the United States. The Department provides an integrated testing platform for medical devices which includes biocompatibility test, chemical characterization, toxicological risk assessment, biological evaluation, large animal research, microbial test, etc. The testing platform is composed of the outstanding technical and management team in the world. It has established China Medical Device Testing Center in Suzhou Wuzhong District based on international FDA GLP, ASCA, OECD GLP, CNAS, A2LA quality management standards, China CMA and AAALAC operation standards.

WuXi Clinical has ability to provide clinical studies and product registration services for medical devices from phrase I to IV.

WuXi MedKey has rich experience in operating more than 200 medical device clinical trials and working closely with 1000 Chinese hospital clinical trial centers.

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【Conference Notice】WuXi AppTec China Medical Device Testing Center participated in the 6th ORTHOmaterials™ Orthopedic and Dental Devices Manufacturing Technology Forum


【Conference Review】WuXi AppTec China Medical Device Testing Center successfully participated in the 2023 (13th) Implantable Interventional Medical Device Innovation Summit


Recommended Acceptable Intake Limits for Nitrosamine Drug Substance-Related Impurities

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Animal experiment case sharing

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Medical Device Model Developmentin Large Animal

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(Roundtable dialogue) Thinking and layout of product innovation of medical device enterprises

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Brain implantation test of medical devices


The international organization for stand...

Have we identified the extractables and leachables (E & L) of medical devices correctly?


With the promulgation and implementation of the new version of iso10993-18:2020 on the chemical characterization of medical device materials in the risk management process and the public solicitation of cmde in June 2020 for the guiding principles for the review of the establishment of evaluation methods and characterization techniques for unknown leachables of medical devices (Exposure Draft) Opinions issued a notice that combining the chemical characterization and toxicological risk assessment of medical devices with the biological evaluation of biocompatibility test results has become a new trend in the development of biosafety evaluation of medical devices. E & L research in medical devices will soon become an indispensable part of the whole process of product R & D, registration and application. Due to the complex material composition and production process of some medical devices, the types and quantity of E & L produced are extremely large. It is estimated that there are tens of thousands of kinds, and the content of these chemicals in the extraction solution is small, which poses a big problem for the identification of chemicals. In the process of E & L research using various technologies of chemical characterization of medical devices, mass spectrometry, especially high-resolution mass spectrometry, can infer the molecular formula of compounds by using accurate molecular weight, which provides a practical idea for E & l work. At the same time, there are also some difficulties in the structural analysis of chemical substances based on mass spectrometry. If there is no participation of professional mass spectrometry analysts in the implementation process, the identification work is very prone to errors.

ISO 10993-23 new method of biocompatibility stimulation test - in vitro stimulation test


In January 2021, the international organ...

WuXi AppTec is committed to building a global R&D empowerment platform for medical devices!