About the Medical Mechanical Testing Business

WuXi AppTec's Medical Device Testing business, has operating entities in both the United States and China. This division provides an integrated testing platform for medical devices which includes biocompatibility testing, chemical characterization, toxicological risk assessment, biological evaluation, large animal studies, microbiological testing, etc. The testing platform has established its China Medical Device Testing Center in Suzhou Wuzhong District with international FDA GLP, ASCA, OECD GLP, CNAS, A2LA quality management standards and Chinese CMA and AAALAC operational standards, comprising of the outstanding International technical and management teams. At the same time, WuXi Clinical has ability to provide clinical studies and product registration services for medical devices from phrase I to IV. WuXi MedKey has rich experience in operating more than 200 medical device clinical trials and working closely with 1000 Chinese hospital clinical trial centers.

WuXi AppTec Medical Device Testing helps bring your medical device to the market!

We are dedicated to empowering healthcare product development

We provide testing services that manage the entire lifecycle of a medical device from development to product release.

We comply with international standards and regulatory legislation

Provide high standards and quality data to our clients Provide an efficient and time-saving service

Our Vision

The Testing Division is a professional testing organization that provides best-in-class testing solutions for drug and medical device development, enabling scientists to transform ideas into efficient healthcare products and accelerating the translation from research to application for the benefit of the general public.

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